StunLight™ NLW

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Our incoherent light based non-lethal weapons, and high intensity spotlights/ searchlights illuminators support military, security, law enforcement, and general first-responder applications.

Our StunLight non-lethal light beam light weapons provide a first responder with a new non-lethal tool and pain-free choice between shoot and don’t shoot, at ranges that are generally greater and more targeted than other non-lethal/ less-than-lethal) weapons. This helps to ensure the safety of the first responder, but also gives them time to decide on the proper level of force that should be used.

Those exposed to the StunLight™ beam are instantly unable to see their surroundings and their aggressive physical motions are curtailed. The subjects report the effect to being like repeated hits with brilliant flashes on steroids. Upon removing the StunLight™ Beam frpm the subject, they recovered within minutes to their pre-exposure condition.  There is no permanent structural or functional changes to their eyes or visual system.

Additionally, the output of our Handheld StunLight™ non-lethal weapon light beam exposure is consistent with the Guidelines on Limits of Exposure to Broad-Band Incoherent Optical Radiation (0.38 to 3 µm), published by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection.

MeadowStar is productizing  an alternative, StunLight™ to non-lethal tools such as the Taser™, pepper sprays, flash-bang grenades and mace currently in use by law-enforcement, security organizations and peace keepers today.  MeadowStar continues to advance a “visual incapacitor” product, StunLight™, for the Non-Lethal and Less-Than-Lethal markets, using the same innovative RLT™ optical element as our other products.  MeadowStar’s novel use of LEDs with its proprietary technology ameliorates many of the safety and risk issues associated with other non-lethal optical devices.  This product is being designed to give government, military, law-enforcement, and other first-responders a handheld day-night long range incapacitation capability at a minimum of 25-150 feet.

As an Non-Lethal Optical Disruptor, StunLight’s strobing is used to prevent the subject from certain areas or routes of escape. Officers who form a perimeter after a pursuit can channel the anticipated route of a suspect to a more desirable one by strobing an area of denial.  Officers can also exploit the momentary neurological short-circuit caused by strobing. For example, when the suspect is frozen momentarily in time, the officer can order him to “slowly point out the location of any other suspects/weapons in the car.” This short-circuit, plus verbal stimuli may produce a useful response.

Our patent pending design uses an amazingly bright beam of white light with the appropriate wavelengths is designed with our RLT™, Light Recycling Technology, for maximum non-lethal optical incapacitation to temporarily impair vision, disorient and debilitate aggressors without physical harm allowing greater distance and response time.  The StunLight™ also provides exceptional visible distance illumination capability in an all-in-one portable battery powered flashlight replacement.

StunLight™ offers the user a full spectrum of response, from high intensity illumination, attention-getting, warning to suppression/incapacitation. The hand-held StunLight™ fills a less-than-lethal weapon need in the range of 5m to 50m without causing pain or using lasers, and complying with International treaties. StunLight™ significantly extends takedown control time to between 5 seconds and 1-minutes) when compared to other currently fielded non-lethal solutions that are limited to 5-10 seconds.  This not only enables first responders to easily determine intent, at distances greater than 30 feet, but also gives them a range of non-lethal response options.

  • Observation: Observe potentially violent intent from great distances (@ 5000ft.)
  • Warning: Provide a visual warning to groups or individuals (@500-1000 ft)
  • Distraction: Provide a deterrent to aggressive behavior (@100-500ft.)
  • Suppression/ Incapacitation”: Provide the ability to completely suppress vision and incapacitate an offender (@15-100ft).

As an Illuminator, the StunLight™ can provide 3MM-6MM peak candlepower of highly focused visible illumination.  It is so bright that it allows an observer to see a subject at over half-mile or more away. It can even penetrate one-way glass and mirrored glass, illuminating the room beyond and penetrates the darkest tinted windows.  When equipped with an amber filter, it penetrates fog and dense smoke.

The results of the exposure limits analysis confirmed that the Handheld StunLight™ can be safely used as a light-based non-lethal weapon.  This is consistent with ICNIRP Guidelines when using a safety factor of 2 or greater.