Patent Licensing/ Joint Ventures

We partner with companies to develop leading edge technologies through Licensing and Joint Venture.  Our current patent portfolio includes over 200 issued and patents in both US and worldwide.

Click here a partial list of our technologies MeadowStar Patents.  Give us a call to discuss you needs.

Technology areas available are:

  1. Narrow beam LED applications – The use of the RLT technology allows the formation of narrow beams with high brightness.  Examples of applications are flashlights, spot light, stage lighting, entertainment lights, flag lights, aviation lighting, inspection light, medical endoscopy, surgical lights, etc.
  1. Energy efficiency LED lighting applications – Wavien developed the liquid cooling technology allowing lower operating junction temperatures of the LEDs, which provides higher efficiency and more compact packages.  Examples of applications are MR-16, Edison bulbs, aviation lighting fixtures, etc.
  1. LED digital projectors – The RLT technology increases the brightness of the LEDs, allowing higher outputs from the projectors.  Examples of applications are pico-projectors, pocket projectors, and desktop projectors.  Using an array of such RLT LEDs, high output projector suitable for conference rooms and digital cinema can be designed.
  1. High brightness outdoor LCD display – Wavien developed a high brightness backlight for LCDs using RLT technology suitable for outdoor applications.  This can be implemented using a single large panels or using an array of smaller cubes.  Other cost effective display solutions are available and in development.
  1. LCD backlight with reduce components – Wavien is developing a LCD backlight technology with reduced number of LEDs for high brightness with reduced component counts applications.  This is an approach for cost reduction in both material and labor, and increasing the reliability of the system.
  1. DPR lamp based illumination system for desktop projectors – The DPR reflectors system extends the lifetime of standard ultra-high pressure mercury lamps for desktop projector applications.  An extension factor of 3X to 5X is achievable using standard off-the-shelf projector lamps.  The system is suitable for use with DLP, LCOS, 3LCD, and SXRD imaging panel technology.
  1. DPR system for digital cinema – Scaling up the DPR system in size to accommodate the multi-kilowatt xenon system, the system can be used for digital cinema using a single DPR reflector or using a dual DPR reflector system for further increase in output.  The DPR illumination system is being developed and Wavien is actively soliciting partners for full demonstration of the system.
  1. And don’t forget to consider our extensive technologies in light pipes and fiber optics.